Today for the second cosecutive time I recieved a sum of RS 15,000
as IICHE scholarship(overall class topper).

I reached  late and the presentation had already started…. Oops let me tell you the presentation was part of the preplanned schedule.

So first presentation was on … “Biofuels in India”…. The speaker was head R&D IOCL.
The thing I learned from the presentation was the new technology of producing biofuels from algae ,using CO2 for such production and something about ethanol blending. The presentation was followed by another presentation on ” NOX EMISSION REDUCTION”  by a young chemical engineer from IIT Delhi …. The presentation was awsome … I was able to know more about a newly developed reactor which could cut down NOX emissions to zero figure using  urea and catalytic reduction
Then we had facilitation of some prominent personalities…. The highlight of this part of the programme was when a very old chemical engineer prof aiyer was felicitated…. He was very ill but he had specially come today…. His daughter in law and his wife accompanied him…. They both were crying when he was honoured …. The words which came to my mind were ” HATS OFF SIR… Great” …
Then we had the scholarships distribution ceremony which our own sambhi sir hosted…
At the last we had awsome lunch.
Ok now some facts :-
1) The most common word heard throughout was IIT DELHI(either the person is btech,mtech from iit Delhi or he is a faculty at iit )
2) when the eminent personalities were honoured … There achievement list was huge…(I thought they were punished… Because they were made to stand till the list lasted )
3)how will I  look after 50 yrs ,If I continue as a chemical engineer.
4) atleast I was able to introduce my college name on national circle.
5)and one should often visit IICHE … ( I was able to talk to some achievers in chemical engineering field)
6) got some contacts for my summer internship 🙂
7) sahi paneer was awsome …… 🙂
!!!!!do comment how was it..



Delhi se hun!!! I love gymming. loud music. I love expressing myself.
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  1. kanha says:

    I also experience similar things in such presentations as to where will I be after 50 years in chemical engineering. Congrats once again. Make good use of the scholarship and one day we might see you there on the stage too. 🙂

  2. Anukriti says:

    Good start!! I am glad that u got the scholarship!! Big congos!! These people may seem like human prodigy.. But they are more than that!! They have experience. Stories… Knowledge.. And they love to spread their knowledge.. I really like sambi sir.. The way he guides u .. Is awesome! U got the scholarship just make the most of it! And most importantly do what you love and love what you do!

  3. Priya Das says:

    The word is felicitation..and not facilitation.

  4. Amit Verma says:

    *Congrats for the scholarship.. i like your blog very much. It is quite informative keep writing..and it’s good to know that you introduced your college name on national circle….well done 🙂

  5. Harsh Tiwari says:

    Good one bro… N congrats….

  6. Mohit Gupta says:

    Firstly Congrats bro….!!! It feels really good to know someone like you. N about your write-up, I must say that you have got a really nice style of writing and narration. This one’s much better than your last one abt your trip to Hrishikesh. Although its always a delight to read your blogs. Keep it up and big thumbs to you!!! N do let me accompany you someday. 🙂

  7. vinayak says:

    Great news man. Im sure there is more in store for you. Interesting writing style too.

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